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Constance and William (Carnegie Museum Wedding)

Most weddings end up being a mix of family or ethnic traditions mixed with modern elements.  Determining which elements to include of each can be challenging.  Constance and Bill chose wonderful details to include in their elegant reception at the Carnegie Museum in Oakland.

Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception (8 of 25)

The Music Hall Foyer at the Museum always gives a wonderful sense of class and style.  The room looked amazing with the stunning place setting and flower arrangements.

Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception (2 of 25)

Constance and Bill chose to include a traditional Greek money dance, where their guests threw bills directly on the floor as they danced along with the newlyweds.  It was fantastic!

Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception (14 of 25)

One of the more modern elements I was able to help with was providing a great mix of songs that include Top 40 hits from today, as well as some amazing songs from the 80’s & 90’s.  The newlyweds treated their friends and family to a beautiful celebration that truly had something for everyone.  The happy couple will leave soon for a romantic honeymoon in Hawaii.

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