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Stephanie and Brendan (Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception)

A common question people ask me is “how to get the party started after everyone has enjoyed a delicious meal?”.  The answer can vary depending on the guests, but every once in a while, I get to work with a couple who has found a fun and unique way to instantly get everyone on the dance floor.  Stephanie and Brendan figured that out, as well as many other wonderful details for their beautiful and elegant wedding reception at the Music Hall Foyer in the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh.


I’ve been very blessed to play at the museum quiet a few times, and I’m always taken back by the incredible beauty of the music hall.


After Stephanie and Brendan’s friends and family enjoyed cocktails and dinner, it was time for some very special dances with the parents.  Not only were both dances incredibly sweet, Stephanie and her father’s dance was a medley of upbeat songs, ending on “We Are Family”.  They pulled everyone onto the dance floor and the celebration was instantly a success!


The music choices the newlyweds made were a perfect match for the friends and family.  Everything from classics to today’s biggest hits kept the party going.  In the end, Stephanie and Brendan were surrounded by their favorite people as they all sang and cheered.  The happy couple is headed off to Hawaii for a fun-filled and relaxing honeymoon.

Wedding DJ Playlist

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