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Chrissy and Josh (Circuit Center DJ)

One of the coolest parts of my job is that I get to meet with each couple a few weeks before the wedding.  I love this time when plans are coming together and the soon-to-be newlyweds are full of the anticipation of seeing their big day finally happen.  While these meetings are always a good time, I had an especially great time working with Chrissy Goldbach and Josh Hughes to prepare for their celebration at the Circuit Center & Ballroom in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Goldbach and Hughes Wedding

Chrissy and Josh were relaxed, yet so excited about their big day at the Circuit Center.  It was great to see the Center so perfectly decorated for the big celebration.

Circuit Center and Ballroom DJ

My favorite part of working with Chrissy and Josh was talking through all their fun music ideas for their special day.  The results were unique and fun.  We had the best time compiling a wide variety of song ideas for cocktails, dinner, and dancing.


During the wedding everything went exactly as we had planned. I love seeing people so happy.

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

The Circuit Center provided tons of room for people to dance and get wild.

Circuit Center DJ

Pittsburgh DJ

Circuit Center Dancing

Reception DJ Pittsburgh

Chrissy and Josh were a joy to work with.  It was a great day that had gone exactly as we had discussed during our meeting.  You could feel their satisfaction as their guests gathered on the dance floor.   The newlyweds enjoyed one last dance before heading off on their Jamaican honeymoon.

Meghan and David (Videographer’s Video)

Every once in a while people ask to see a video from one of the wonderful weddings where I DJ. Thanks to the amazing Dawn Brennan of DMB Videography I am thrilled to have a video that shows some of the results of my work. Dawn graciously provided me with video from Meghan & David Tintera’s wedding reception from 2009. I absolutely have to say thank you to Meghan & David allowing me to share this video of their special and crazy fun celebration.

Meghan & David (Circuit Center & Ballroom)

I frequently have people ask me if my clients really take advantage of the level of customization that I make available.  Truth is that most of my clients enjoy the knowledge that any part of their reception music can be customized to their preferences or needs.  Occasionally I get to work with a couple that gets truly creative, not only with the playlist, but also with tweaking the individual songs.  For example, this past Saturday I had the extreme pleasure of playing at the reception of Meghan Ferris and David Tintera at the Circuit Center and Ballroom in Pittsburgh, PA.

Circuit Center & Ballroom Wedding DJ

I had met Meghan and David last year, at the reception Amanda & James Kelly.  Before that, I met Amanda & James at the reception of Mitch & Nicole Patterline.  I was so excited to get to see BOTH of these two of wonderful couples again!  Not only are they incredibly awesome people, but they also LOVE to dance and party.  I need them to come to all of my weddings!

Circuit Center & Ballroom Wedding DJ

Meghan & David decided it would be fun for cocktail hour and dinner music to have a mix of oldies from the 50’s & 60’s as well as some contemporary hits from artists like Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson.  For their introduction and special dances they requested certain songs would be tweaked to start or end at certain points.  Meghan had a special dance with her mother where I was able to remove a verse that didn’t apply.  None of these requests were unreasonable or difficult, but it made the music feel completely customized to this special day.

Circuit Center & Ballroom Wedding DJ

Meghan assured me that everything was perfect, especially since I had made her mother cry with tears of joy.  I get the feeling that was going to happen no matter what I played.  It was so obvious how proud all the parents were to see their children so happy.

Circuit Center & Ballroom Wedding DJ

At one point in the night a group of guys tossed the newlyweds high in the air…

Circuit Center & Ballroom Wedding DJ

Meghan’s look in this picture says it all…”Hey, be careful with that!!!”

Circuit Center & Ballroom Wedding DJ

Circuit Center & Ballroom Wedding DJ


I will honestly miss working with Meghan and David on creating such a wonderful and unique celebration.  They’re off now for their honeymoon in Mexico but perhaps when they return they can start planning a HUGE first anniversary party!  I’ll be ready!!!

Darla and Matthew (Circuit Center & Ballroom)

The wedding season is starting to wind down for 2008, which makes me kind of sad. I feel so blessed to be a part of so many wonderful celebrations. Last Saturday I played what turned out to be an extra special day for me when I played at the reception of Darla Lewandowski and Matthew Abel at the Circuit Center & Ballroom in Pittsburgh.


Darla and Matthew chose some great songs for their special evening, but also gave me some room to include a variety of songs throughout the night for all the guests to enjoy. You know it’s a nice mix of music when people compliment the dinner music!

The Circuit Center is a beautiful and large venue that was divided in half for the cocktail hour. This created a nice lounge type area for the guests to enjoy themselves before the entire room became opened for dinner. The high ceilings in the room make it feel extra spacious.


During dinner, Darla and Matthew asked their guests to sing them a love song instead of clinking glasses to make them kiss. I thought the poem they put on each table was a cute way to let the guests know!


I discovered the day of the wedding that many years ago, I worked with Matthew’s mother at Pittburgh’s public access TV station. They had even been at MY wedding, and it was so great to see Carol and her husband Peter again. It goes to show that sometimes things happen for a reason, it made the day extra special that I was able to be a part of their big celebration.


I met another, much newer couple that night too. (that’s all I can say about that)


Darla had been referred to me from another DJ who was unavailable to play at her reception, so I have to say thanks Jodi of Accents Unlimited. I can’t say enough how glad I was to perform at Darla and Matthew’s wedding. It was wonderful getting to know them and their families. At the end of the night it was clear to everyone that they been part of an absolutely perfect day!


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