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Chelsey and Patrick (Marriott City Center DJ)

Elegance is a difficult word to describe, but you certainly know it when you see it.  This past weekend I was fortunate to be the DJ for the wedding of Chelsey Miller and Patrick McKenney at the Marriott City Center in downtown Pittsburgh, and everything about this perfect evening reflected a sense of simple elegance and grace.

McKenney Miller Wedding

In a year when people are adding lots of trendy additions to their wedding day, Chelsey and Patrick decorated the ballroom gorgeously with striking colors and wonderful little gift boxes (with little chocolate strawberries inside) at each table setting.

Marriott City Center Wedding

Chocolate Strawberry Gift Box

The newlyweds had planned ahead for an evening that would keep their guests’ attention.  They staggered many of their events such as cake cutting, first dance and toasts throughout the meal service.  This really kept the flow of the night moving and led perfectly up to the celebration and partying.  Be sure to take a look at their playlist and see how perfectly timed everything was.


The couple’s first dance was sweet and classic.

Marriott City Center Wedding DJMarriott City Center Wedding DJ

The Marriott City Center has an extremely large dance floor, which was perfect for this very excited party crowd!

In the midst of the celebration, a Michael Jackson dance-off broke out…all three of these guys were amazing!

No one, including myself, was ready to see this evening come to an end, so we kept the music going strong until the Marriott was ready to throw us all out.  Their evening had been the perfect mix of simple elegance and amazingly wild celebration.  This awesome couple is now off on their Hawaiian honeymoon for some well-deserved relaxation.

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