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Kylie and Manny (Marriott City Center)

There are many variables that can affect how you spend your time on your wedding day.  It’s important to remember to be flexible and take full advantage of all the time you have with friends and family.  Kylie and Manny were the perfect example of going with the flow and enjoying every moment of their...

Chelsey and Patrick (Marriott City Center DJ)

Elegance is a difficult word to describe, but you certainly know it when you see it.  This past weekend I was fortunate to be the DJ for the wedding of Chelsey Miller and Patrick McKenney at the Marriott City Center in downtown Pittsburgh, and everything about this perfect evening reflected a sense of simple elegance...

Kelly and Todd (Pittsburgh Marriott City Center DJ)

During my DJ career I’ve played for corporate events, Christmas parties, and a few clubs and bars throughout Pittsburgh.  I’ve recognized that my true passion is being the DJ for wedding receptions.  It’s the only type of event where each event is a unique celebration.  There is an energy and excitement that only exists when...

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