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Pittsburgh offers so many wonderful wedding venues, choosing the right one for your big day can be a difficult choice.  Finding the right size, style and atmosphere is so important to the success of every wedding.  Kate and Ryan could not have picked a better location than Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

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It was a perfect Fall day as they were married on the beautiful patio area outside of the Tropical Garden at Phipps.  After cocktails, guests entered the ballroom for dinner and dancing.

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The entire day flowed perfectly for the happy couple.  Guests were not only able to enjoy some fun dancing, but were also able to enjoy the beautiful evening outside on the patio.  Their friends and family were treated to a wonderful night as they came together to celebrate with the newlyweds.  Congratulations Kate and Ryan, I’m so thrilled I was able to be a part of all the fun!

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I tell each couple that I work with that planning your wedding reception should be fun.  There’s plenty of work to do when choosing details for your big day, but when it comes time to think about the music and good times you’ll have at the reception, you should try to enjoy the process.  Brett Alaina and John were great to work with when we put together their wedding ceremony and reception held at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA.

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This was my first time getting to provide uplighting (both candlelight and purple) at the Phipps Conservatory ballroom!  I also helped create a monogram for the newlyweds, too!

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Brett Alaina and John chose wonderful, unique and stylish music to use throughout their celebration.  This great mix of music matched up perfectly with their friends and family, so when it was time to dance, no one hesitated to get on the dance floor to party!  I love getting the chance to work with people who enjoy music so much, and find great ways to use their favorite songs to make their day memorable.  The happy couple is now off for a romantic and well-deserved honeymoon in the Maldives.

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There’s no better way to kick off the 2015 wedding season then with a fantastic spring wedding.  Ashley and Adam held their ceremony and reception at the beautiful Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA.  They took such care to plan a day which included all their favorite people, details and music.

Their nuptials and cocktails were held in the Tropical Forest Congo area, and I loved how their place cards and other details coordinated perfectly with the theme at Phipps.

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With dinner completed, it was finally time to really celebrate!  The newlyweds’ friends and family were tons of fun as they danced and sang to a variety of amazing selections.  Ashley and Adam chose some truly unique songs, which helped make the evening even more special.  I thank this wonderful couple for including me in their special day, what a way to start the year!  They are now off for a romantic honeymoon in Antigua.


A key to a great reception is to allow some variety into your music selections.  Lauren and Chris did an amazing job coming up with a mix of music that appealed to all of their friends and family for their nuptials and celebration at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh.

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Phipps was the perfect location for the newlyweds’ big day.  Their ceremony and cocktails were held in the outdoor gardens with a live string quartet.  Throughout the rest of the evening, guests were treated to music from every decade from the 40’s til Today.  Since it was a wonderful summer day, guests were able to enjoy the space outside the Special Events Suite which featured a cigar bar!

Lauren and Chris did an amazing job mixing their tastes of 80’s and current music along with great classic songs they knew their wedding guests would enjoy.  Throughout the reception I had people stopping by to tell me how much they were enjoying the music selections.  At the end of the night, everyone cheered for these fun and sweet newlyweds and even insisted on an extra song to keep the party going just a little longer.

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Planning a wedding is never simple.  Thousands of details need to be prepared, considered, and chosen in order to have your big day come together as you please.  Alys and Tim’s reception at the Phipps Conservatory Ballroom was the perfect example of excellent planning and wonderful choices that made for a fantastic and elegant reception.

Cheatle Jarvela Wedding

The ballroom at Phipp’s was beautifully decorated for the newlyweds and their guests.  Alys and Tim selected a great selection of music for the evening which included Rat Pack standards, swing, oldies, 80’s, and Top 40 music, all of which suited their friends and family.

To cap off their celebration, they chose the perfect songs (Livin’ On A Prayer & Don’t Stop Believin’), which brought their evening to an epic ending.  They made many wise choices and prioritized their efforts for the wedding day, which made the entire day absolutely perfect.  They’re now headed off to Antigua for a well deserved romantic and relaxing honeymoon.

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One of the first questions every newly engaged couple is faced with is determining how many guests should they invite to the wedding.  While many immediately think of how much fun the reception would be with 200-300 people, they miss out on how special the day can be with a smaller, more intimate group.  Alexandra Cervenka and Ryan Slack might not have had the largest guest list in Pittsburgh, but their celebration at the Phipps Conservatory Garden Tent was huge.

Cervenka Slack Wedding

Phipps Conservatory made the perfect venue on this beautiful summer day.  They arranged and decorated the large tent in a way that made it feel the perfect size for their 65 guests.

DJ Setup at Phipps Conservatory

Phipps Conservatory Garden Tent

When it came to music, Lexie and Ryan chose some special selections for the evening but wanted to leave lots of room for people to make requests and have fun.  Their playlist incorporated everything from jazz, motown, disco, rock and a few top 40 hits too.


After cocktail hour, the bride and groom entered the Garden Tent and began their first dance to Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”.

Once it was time, the guests took advantage of every moment we had to celebrate.

I had first met Lexie and Ryan a couple of years ago at the reception of Lisa and Armando Padilla (where they had caught the bouquet and garter!).

Phipps employees commented to me on what a fun group this was and how the dance floor was packed all night.

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As a special twist at the end of the night, the newlyweds presented their guests with a fantastic popcorn and italian soda buffet.  Everyone then jumped on a shuttle bus to head downtown and see the post Pirates game fireworks display!  What appeared to be what some would call a small wedding, ended as one the largest celebrations anyone had ever seen.