Mary Kate and Brian (Omni William Penn Hotel Wedding Reception)

Coming from a DJ, this might seem a little obvious, but I find it amazing how much fun you can have when you choose just the right music for your wedding.  Mary Kate and Brian were absolutely brilliant with the ways they used music throughout their celebration, held on a beautiful fall day at the Omni William Penn Hotel in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.

The Grand Ballroom at the Omni is simply one of the most beautiful spaces in Pittsburgh.

Mary Kate and Brian’s reception featured an epic pre-dinner dance party, which helped set the tone for an evening that would be unforgettable!

Mary Kate and Brian’s playlist included everything from oldies to old skool.  There was something for everyone, including a few surprises, mashups and megamixes.  At the end of the night, it was clear that no one was ready for the night to end.  It was a good thing the newlyweds were prepared to join everyone at the after party.  The happy couple now gets to head off to enjoy some more fantastic music as they relax on their Hawaiian honeymoon!

Wedding DJ Playlist

Susan and Brian (Fairmont Pittsburgh Wedding Reception)

Music plays a huge part of every wedding day.  The songs that are playing while getting ready to the very last song of the night makes a soundtrack that will be unique to only your special day.  Even if you have songs that aren’t perfect for dancing, it’s important to find ways to include them where ever you can.  Cocktail, entrance songs, first dance, dinner, cake cutting and the bouquet toss are all chances to include songs that are special to you.  Sarah and Brian’s playlist included some great tunes to help make their day extra memorable during their celebration at the Fairmont Pittsburgh.

I simply love the ballroom at the Fairmont, it’s the perfect space for a great evening with friends and family!

Working with Susan and Brian was great fun, as we all share a passion for both music and semi-geeky collectables.  It was great to see their special day come together so perfectly as everyone enjoyed visiting, eating and, of course, dancing!  The newlyweds were happy to see their guests having such a fabulous time to a truly wide variety of music.  Their soundtrack included some of their favorite songs, and others that were played just for the benefit of friends and family.  At the end of the night, the happy couple was clearly pleased just to watch those closest to them having the time of their lives.

Wedding DJ Playlist

Angela and Bill (LeMont Pittsburgh Wedding Reception)

A perfectly planned wedding is one that not only matches the style and preferences of the bride and groom, but also includes special details that all of their guests will enjoy.  Angela and Bill could write a book about putting together a celebration that truly includes something for everyone.  Their wonderful reception was held at the elegant LeMont Restaurant on top of Mount Washington, overlooking the city of Pittsburgh.

The view from the LeMont ballroom is one that absolutely can’t be matched.  While guests enjoyed the view, they were treated to an amazing variety of food throughout cocktails and dinner, which included a traditional Pittsburgh cookie table that allowed everyone to take home lots of great treats to enjoy all weekend long.

The music for the night was perfect for the wide age ranges of guests who attended the reception.  I was able to play songs from traditional Italian music, to Rat Pack styled standards, all the way to today’s biggest hits.

Angela and Bill put together an evening that would be unforgettable for all their closest family and friends.  Their careful attention to details made it so everyone could relax and enjoy a special evening celebrating with the them.  At the end of the night, the newlyweds were surrounded by loved ones as the final song finished and their perfect day came to a close.  A perfect ending to a perfect day.

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Patricia and Nick (Pittsburgh Airport Marriott)

The best thing about my job is that I get to meet some of the nicest people in Pittsburgh, and help them plan one of the biggest days of their lives.  I love working with people who have a passion for music and other special details that will help make their wedding day stand out from all others.  Patricia and Nick’s reception was held at the wonderful Pittsburgh Airport Marriott in Moon Township, PA.

The ballroom looked amazing with wonderful blue accents and uplighting!

Patricia and Nick provided a fantastic selection of music for their friends and family to enjoy.  They included great and unique selections that were special to both them and their families.

Patricia and Nick, as well as their incredibly sweet families, had a fabulous evening of visiting, singing and dancing.  Their well-planned evening gave everyone the chance to enjoy time with the newlyweds.  The happy couple is soon headed off to Lake Tahoe for a well deserved honeymoon!

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Jennifer and Kevin (Canonsburg PA Wedding Reception)

Every once in a while, I have the opportunity to DJ for a couple who is having their reception some place a little more private than a local hotel, golf club or museum.   There is something incredibly special about inviting your friends and family to your family home that just can’t be duplicated anywhere else.  Jennifer and Kevin’s celebration was held in the backyard of Kevin’s parents house in Canonsburg, PA,  and was the perfect celebration for an evening of fun, food and dancing.

The backyard was transformed into an amazingly beautiful space for a party no one will soon forget!

Guests danced to music from every genre imaginable.  Jennifer and Kevin’s friends and family got wild to songs from oldies to today’s biggest hits.

Having a wedding at home creates a wonderfully special and relaxed atmosphere for everyone involved, while still remaining an elegant and beautiful event.  It was the perfect fit for Jennifer and Kevin as they were able to celebrate their new lives together with all their favorite people.

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Carmen + Casey (Antonelli’s Event Center Wedding Reception)

Successful weddings are all about family.  When you get engaged, it’s family that steps in to help plan and execute everything that will make the day perfect.  As two separate families become one, it gives everyone a fantastic reason to celebrate.  Carmen and Casey’s wedding reception was one neither of their families will ever forget.  Their elegant and crazy fun party was held at the beautiful Antonelli’s Event Center in Irwin, PA.

The ballroom looked amazing and featured tons of special details, many provided or created by the friends and family of the happy couple!

Carmen’s mom organized a super fun flash mob to “Dancing Queen”, which set a wonderful tone to get the celebration in full gear!  After that, everyone crowded the dance floor to great music from all genres.

Carmen and Casey’s families came together to ensure that the entire evening was a success.  At the end of the night, guests of all ages were excited to head to the after-party.  The newlyweds now get to spend a little time away from family as they head to their romantic Hawaiian honeymoon.

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