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Hannah and Roman (DoubleTree Wedding Reception)

Weddings are a chance to share all aspects of a couple’s personalities with their closest friends and family. This ranges from the most serious sides of newlyweds took some of the very silliest attributes. Hannah and Roman did an amazing job including lots of special touches to their day that was a real reflection of who they are as a couple. Their day was full of fun, memorable, and romantic moments that made for an unforgettable celebration!

The reception was held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Cranberry, PA and the ballroom looked amazing filled with special touches that set a beautiful Fall-themed atmosphere.

Hannah and Roman included a lot of humor throughout their reception including some made-up introductions for their wedding party and a newlywed game where they were quizzed about their relationship. Their light-hearted and fun attitudes in life set a great tone for a relaxing evening that everyone could enjoy. When it came time for dancing, they were sure to include lots of great music from every genre to keep the party going!

I had so much fun working with Hannah and Roman in the months leading up to their wedding. I love how they infused so much of their positivity and humor into making their wedding day amazing. Their guests cheered and applauded for the newlyweds after the last song, it was wonderful to see how all their efforts had paid off. I can’t imagine a better way for the awesome couple to kick off this new chapter in their lives together, and I’m thrilled I was able to be part of it!

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Moriah and Jon (LeMont Ceremony and Reception)

Wedding planning is a ton of work. There are 1001 little details to consider and it would be easy to let it become overwhelming. Moriah and Jon handled all the pressure of the big day gracefully and were able to enjoy the process of choosing music that would make their wedding day like no other. It was such a thrill for me to see all their plans play out perfectly!

Their ceremony and reception were held at the LeMont. The ballroom looked amazing and included the most amazing view of Pittsburgh anyone could ever ask for.

Among Moriah and Jon’s great choices for their day was a fun father/daughter dance which led right into an amazing dance party! Guests danced and sang to a great variety of music from every genre imaginable.

Despite Moriah’s claims of feeling “internally chaotic”, I found working with her and Jon to be one of the best experiences ever. They had fabulous and fun ideas for their wedding, but also made sure that all of their friends and family would have the best night ever. The happy couple is soon off for a well-earned honeymoon in Jamaica!!!

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Melissa and Dante (The Pennsylvanian Wedding)

I can’t say enough how much I love working with couples to create the perfect soundtrack for their wedding day. It’s so much fun when people have extraordinary ideas and music that will make their day an ideal fit for them. Melissa and Dante knew all the songs that would make their wedding celebration at the Pennsylvanian memorable for all of their friends and family.

If you read through my blog much, you know I’ve been fortunate to play quite a few weddings at the Pennsylvanian. The Grand Hall is always stunning, but Melissa and Dante’s use of the space was absolutely one of my favorites. There was plenty of room for all their guests, but everything still felt very intimate and elegant.

After Melissa and Dante exchanged their vows in the Rotunda, guests were treated to an evening of treats (including Pittsburgh popcorn and an ice cream bar!) – and of course, lots of great music to dance to and celebrate.

Melissa and Dante provided an amazing request list for their dance party, but also allowed their guests to guide the evening and make sure everyone had the time of their lives. After lots of dancing and singing, everyone headed off for more quality time with the newlyweds. I’m so thrilled I was able to be part of this unforgettable day with this amazingly fun and perfect couple!

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Sarah and Andrew (Linden Hall Wedding)

If you’ve been to many weddings, you know one thing is true: awesome people have fantastic weddings. Couples who are full of energy, happiness, and excitement are the ones that have the most exciting, happiest, and most energetic celebrations. Sarah and Andrew were the perfect examples of how much influence the newlyweds have on their big day. Their energy was infectious and all of their friends and family had no choice but to join in and be part of the excitement.

Their wedding was held at the historic and fabulous Linden Hall in Dawson, PA. The mansion made the perfect setting for their ceremony before guests made their way to the spacious tented area for an evening of dinner and dancing.

Once all the formal activities were completed, Sarah and Andrew commanded the dance floor and ensured everyone was included in the epic dance party!

All of the happy couple’s friends and family partied for over three hours of hits from yesterday and today, all before heading over to the after-party (which I’m sure raged on until late into the night). Sarah and Andrew’s love for each other as well as their guests created the perfect atmosphere for a celebration I’m sure everyone will be talking about for years to come!

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Vanessa and Nick (Sunset Ranch Wedding)

If I had to pick a word to describe the theme of Vanessa and Nick’s wedding, that word would have to be FAMILY. Throughout their wonderful day, it was abundantly clear how important family meant to the newlyweds, and they made sure to plan for a day where all members of their large Italian families would be able to join in the amazing celebration.

Their ceremony and reception were held on a perfect Fall day at the Sunset Ranch in Ellwood City, PA. Everything from the ceremony site to the gorgeously decorated tent was set to reflect an elegant Italian theme that honored both Vanessa and Nick’s family heritage.

Everyone at the celebration was part of the family for this magical day. After a spectacular fireworks show, this newly formed group of family members danced and partied on the huge dance floor! Vanessa and Nick chose wonderful music that matched perfectly with their guests including songs from the 70s, 80s, and today.

After the most amazing and perfect day, Vanessa and Nick’s guests gathered on the dance floor for a few last songs before loading into the shuttles for more family time at the hotel. Having spent so much time with all their favorite people, the newlyweds are soon headed off for a little alone time on their well-deserved honeymoon in Italy

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Taylor and Joey (Allegheny RiverTrail Park Wedding)

Taylor first emailed me about DJing her and Joey’s wedding with this message: “We love to dance and have fun! We are looking for great mixes, some dance floor lighting, and some emceeing (if that’s a word).” Taylor could not have been more correct, her friends and family LOVED to dance and have fun, and I was thrilled I was able to provide everything they needed for their wonderful wedding (and yes, emceeing is totally a word).

Taylor and Joey’s wedding was held on a perfect Summer day at the Allegheny RiverTrail Park in Aspinwall, PA. The couple made excellent choices in decorations and music to make the celebration one everyone could enjoy.

Taylor wasn’t kidding when she said her guests would love to dance… the dance floor was full of fun and excitement as guests enjoyed songs from every genre imaginable!

At the night’s end, everyone crowded the dance floor to cheer for the newlyweds! Taylor and Joey knew from the start what they’d need to create the most magical day for themselves and all of their favorite people. I had a blast being part of their unforgettable celebration and epic dance party!

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