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Molly and Rob (Bramblewood Wedding)

The best weddings are the ones that are made special for everyone. There’s nothing better than when a couple makes specific plans and arrangements to make sure all of their guests will have the best time while celebrating their special day. Molly and Rob went above and beyond for their wedding held on a beautiful summer day at Bramblewood in McDonald, PA.

Their ceremony was held by a beautiful lake where they exchanged heartfelt and hilarious vows to each other. Guests then made their way to the barn for cocktails, dinner, cookies, and a fabulous dance party!

Molly and Rob’s music selections for the day were a perfect match for their friends and family. From the ceremony through the last song, the newlyweds included songs from every genre imaginable. It was an evening that could have lasted until the sun came up! Guests danced and sang to oldies, wedding classics and today’s newest hits all the way until the last note of the last song. The happy couple is now off to Portugal for a well-earned honeymoon!

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Ashley and Anthony (Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel Wedding Reception)

When did I realize that Ashley and Anthony were going to have a completely unforgettable wedding reception? Was it when they told me they wanted an epic dance party for the celebration at the beautiful Renaissance hotel, or that many of their guests would be traveling to Pittsburgh to be a part of their special day?

Was it when their guests cheered SO loud for the entrance of the wedding party, or when they started throwing money during their first dance as part of a Greek wedding tradition?

Perhaps it could have been when I first arrived at the Renaissance and saw how wonderfully decorated the ballroom was for everyone to enjoy a once-in-lifetime celebration…

or when the guests immediately crammed the dancefloor and didn’t stop until the very last song.

No, for me it was the very first moment I had the opportunity to meet with Ashley and Anthony. Their love for each other and their excitement to spend their big day with so many of their favorite people made it clear to me that theirs was a wedding celebration that would be like no other. They told me that they wanted the dance floor to be filled all night long and their friends and family did not disappoint. Once their unforgettable reception came to an end, everyone made their way to the hotel bar for an after-party that lasted late into the night. I had the best time getting to know the newlyweds and am thrilled I was able to be a part of such an amazing day!

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Allison and Nick (Carnegie Museum Wedding Reception)

If you read my posts regularly, you know I believe it’s the wedding guests that are the most important part of the celebration. Wedding couples who put their focus on their friends and family are almost always the one who end up having the most memorable and fabulous receptions. Allison and Nick were so excited to spend time with all of their favorite people, and made sure that everyone was included in the fun during their amazing wedding day.

Their reception was held at the always gorgeous Carnegie Museum Music Hall Foyer. Guests were treated to live string music during cocktail hour before watching the newlyweds first dance (they prepared a wonderful routine to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”). Throughout the evening, Allison and Nick chose great music to make sure everyone got a chance to hear music they could enjoy.

Allison and Nick’s guests danced and danced to songs from yesterday and today. The best compliment I received was when Allison had told me that even her father was up dancing (apparently not a regular occurrence!). The happy couple planned their entire day around the concept of spending time with all of their closest friends and family (this included both a pre-party and an after party!). I loved the chance to work with these two awesome people through multiple wedding date reschedulings, and was so excited to see their big day turn out so successfully. Allison and Nick will soon head off for a truly one-of-a-kind safari honeymoon!

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Alaina and Eric (The Wintergarden at PPG Place Wedding Reception)

Weddings should be fun! This seems like basic advice, but I know how easy it is for couples to get caught up in the importance and seriousness of the day. Alaina and Eric knew exactly what they wanted for their big day. They took extra steps to include lots of fun, silliness, and special moments throughout their reception held at the gorgeous Wintergarden at PPG Place, located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.

The Wintergarden is an amazing venue, and it looks fantastic decked out with beautiful decor. Alaina and Eric included some special and funny signs, and even their dog made an appearance on the cake! Guests were ready for some fun too as the dance floor filled quickly with those prepared to celebrate, sing and get wild!

Alaina and Eric made the most of their big night and spent lots of the time on the dance floor dancing to an amazing set of dance music. Their friends and family weren’t ready for the celebration to end and even demanded “one more song” before saying farewell to the newlyweds. Alaina and Eric’s wedding day was beautiful, romantic, and yes… tons of fun for everyone!

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Jordan and Beau (The Pennsylvanian Wedding Reception)

Everyone knows that weddings should focus on the happy couple and their new lives together as newlyweds. As a DJ, I can tell when a couple recognizes that they need to allow some of that focus to shift to their friends and family to ensure everyone would enjoy themselves. Jordan and Beau spent a lot of time and energy making sure sure that everyone would have an amazing time at their wedding celebration!

I can’t think of a better venue than the Pennsylvanian for Jordan and Beau’s 275(ish) guests to gather for a one-of-kind celebration. There was plenty of room for everyone to be part of the party. Guests were even treated to an ice cream bar later in the evening to keep the energy going.

Jordan and Beau chose a great selection of music for the evening. With over 3 hours of dancing time, guests were able to hear selections from all genres from yesterday and today. There was even a surprise dance by Jordan and her bridesmaids to a song by Hannah Montana! The newlyweds included so many wonderful touches for their friends and family to enjoy, I’m sure their wedding will be one everyone will be talking about for years to come. The happy couple is soon off to Curacao to focus on each other for awhile on their honeymoon!

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Nisha and Justin (Bramblewood Wedding)

A wedding day can be full of surprises. It’s such a big day with so many moving pieces, it’s great to work with a couple who is ready to embrace anything and everything that will happen. Nisha and Justin were all in and ready for a one-of-kind celebration for their wedding held at Bramblewood in McDonald, PA.

Their ceremony was held on a perfect summer day near the lake at Bramblewood before guests made their way to the barn for an evening of cocktails, dinner and dancing. Nisha and Justin’s guest book was one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. Guests signed vinyl records that were displayed with a fabulous record player and album art of the newlyweds!

Nisha’s father provided one of the evening’s sweetest surprises, as he had pre-recorded himself singing a special song for Nisha that I played before their father-daughter dance. Nisha and Justin embraced their big day and made the most of every minute. The evening ended with a packed dance floor of their friends and family expressing their love and excitement for the newlyweds. The happy couple is now ready for their well-deserved honeymoon in Napa and Hawaii!!!

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