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Colleen and Jason (Chartiers Room)

I’m having the best time playing some amazing receptions this year! Lately I’ve been so lucky to play for such warm and friendly couples. This past Saturday I played at the Chartiers Room in Bridgeville, PA for Colleen Fink & Jason Veneski.


Colleen and Jason had such a great relaxed attitude about their reception. Their main goal was to make sure their guests had a good time. Things ran so smoothly for them that they ended up with a TON of time for dancing which really allowed me to play a great variety of music.

Colleen & Jason chose a few songs for dinner and let me build a playlist for them based on their choices. The result was a nice mix of new and classic soul & R&B which helped set a fun and romantic atmosphere. Colleen had chosen a very unique and beautiful cake. Love that blue!


They danced and danced and danced…


And even a little limbo…


Colleen and Jason were lucky enough to have a great reception with tons of extra time to allow for lots of dancing and socializing. It was great to see their friends and family enjoy themselves while celebrating. Colleen and Jason were so great to work with, I was so glad I could play a part in making their day so wonderful.

Amanda and James (Buhl Mansion Reception)

Having an outdoor wedding and/or reception is always a risk, but when it’s great and it’s really great. This past Saturday I played for Amanda McLean & James Kelly at the Buhl Mansion in Sharon, PA. The weather was SO perfect, sunny and cool.


Amanda & James spent a lot of time adding special elements to their celebration. Their wedding cake includes words from their first dance song. Their “place cards” were rocks with people’s names and table numbers on them. Very cool stuff. They gave me a great list of music to choose from for dinner and dancing. Totally mixed it right so that the evening started with music for everyone then once the sun went down I was able to play a TON of great modern dance music for their friends to really enjoy.

The Buhl Mansion is a unique and beautiful location. Not only did the newlyweds use the mansion for the ceremony & reception, but they were also able to rent out all 10 rooms of this fantastic bed & breakfast for their families and bridal party to spend the night!


What’s this? Yes, It’s Mitch & Nicole Paterline again! Nicole was Amanda’s Matron of Honor… they really helped keep the party going! Thanks guys!


Amanda & James could write a book on wedding planning, they found the right mix of making their day unique but not excluding their guests from having fun too. The worst part of the whole day was having to play the last song! Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Kelly, you guys ROCK!

Kate and Kevin (Pittsburgh Golf Club)

I’m so fortunate to get to entertain every week at some fantastic celebrations. This past Saturday my luck continued as I played the reception of Kate Aiello & Kevin Hershock at the Pittsburgh Golf Club in Squirrel Hill.


Kate & Kevin are a great young and fun couple who really love music and love to dance. They chose some great song choices that really got people dancing even while it was still light outside! Kate is a big David Archuleta fan (from American Idol), so we kicked off the dancing with his version of Chris Brown’s “With You”, the dance floor never emptied from that moment on.

The Pittsburgh Golf Club is a great venue for elegant reception. Everything ran smoothly all evening thanks to their great staff and Kate & Kevin’s photographer, Fiona Scerri. It’s great to get to work with experienced and professional vendors.


I knew it was going to be a great evening when Kate busted out her 80’s dance moves!


Kate & Kevin were so easy to work with and even spent time making sure I had everything I needed. It was easy to be sure they never got stuck in a “pickle”. They created a perfect mix of class and fun. I was so excited to be a part of their special day and was glad I could help with the amazing celebration.

Jennifer and Perry (Southpointe Golf Club Reception)

Earlier tonight I was out at the Southpointe Golf Club for the wedding reception of Jennifer Minter & Perry Patterson. It was a bit overcast today, but it turned out to be a perfect day for a wedding. Jennifer & Perry were such a blast to work with in preparing for the big day.


Jennifer & Perry knew exactly the music that their friends and family would enjoy all night long. They even turned me on to some very cool instrument Beastie Boys songs that we used during dinner. I love it when people add a few special touches like that to make the music show their own style.

Mitch & Nicole Patterline referred me to Jenn & Perry. I played their wedding back in September 2006 and it was SO great to see them again! Happy 2nd Anniversary!


All weddings are joyous occasions, but as I was looking through my photos I love how much everyone is laughing, smiling and hugging. It was a fantastic night and I’m glad to have been a part of it. Thanks Jenn & Perry, have a GREAT time in Italy!


Ellen and Ron (Soldiers and Sailors Reception)

This labor day weekend I had the chance to perform at Soldiers and Sailors Museum in Oakland for the wedding of Ellen Bobrow and Ronald Nestico. Working with Ellen & Ron was so much fun, they had a lot of great ideas to make their day so unique. They had the room setup with different food stations that featured a variety of ethnic foods… the food was amazing.


Ellen & Ron chose a nice variety of music for the reception, including some great Italian favorites for dinner. They are big 80’s fans, they chose some amazingly great party songs for their guests to dance to.

You have to sing along to “Living On A Prayer” – you just HAVE to!


I can’t say enough how great it was to work with Ellen & Ron, they were so much fun and it was clear that they were having a great time all night long!


Amy and Perry

Last Saturday I played at the reception of Amy Romano and Perry Dubois at St John’s in New Castle, PA. I’ve known Amy & her family for many years and was honored that they asked me to perform for their more than 300 guests.


Amy & Perry left the entire dancing portion of the evening open for their guests to make requests and night ended up being a giant mix of every style of music imaginable!

Click here to see the playlist from the reception

There were quite a few younger people at the wedding, and one of the flower girls, Alyssa, hung out with me behind the DJ booth for most of the evening. She was only 10 but helped me take requests and handout the trinkets that the brides mom brought for all the guests. Someday she’ll make a great DJ.


The dance floor was jammed pack all night long and everyone had an amazing time. The Romano’s put a lot of effort into creating a beautiful day for Amy & Perry. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

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