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Kerri & Ty (Hilton Garden Inn DJ)

I just love when people throw creative flair into the the details that decorate their reception venue.  This Saturday at the Hilton Garden Inn, there were many signs of Kerri DiGiovanni’s and Ty Lacock’s knack for creativity.   The first thing that caught most people’s attention were the signs that were featured at the bar, the...

Rachel and John (Southpointe Hilton Garden Inn DJ)

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to work with a wide variety of terrific clients, each with their own unique take on putting together their dream wedding.  I love people who get involved with me in making the music truly reflect who they are.  This weekend I was...

Erin and Adrian (Hilton Garden Inn Reception)

I always encourage my clients to find ways to make their wedding unique to their personalities and tastes.  I’m always thrilled when a couple takes the opportunity to share a bit of themselves with their friends and families.  I love to DJ at weddings that are different each week, and this past weekend I was...

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