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Angela and John (Oglebay Resort Wedding Reception)

Newlyweds possess a unique insight that no DJ could replicate when it comes to curating the ideal soundtrack for their wedding day. I relish the opportunity to collaborate with couples who eagerly share their preferences and song recommendations, ensuring the music resonates perfectly with their friends and family. Angela and John exemplified this artful approach, creating a play list that kept their guests dancing and singing throughout their enchanting wedding reception at the splendid Wilson Lodge at Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, West Virginia.

The Olgebay ballroom provided a stunning backdrop, setting the stage for a celebration like no other. Angela and John kicked off their reception with a beautifully choreographed—and flawlessly executed—dance to “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer.

The evening unfolded seamlessly, offering ample time for dancing and revelry. Guests filled the expansive dance floor, moving to hits spanning every conceivable genre. John’s thoughtfully curated request list spanned decades, ensuring that guests of all ages found joy in the music. As a personal thrill, the room was adorned with Swifties, adding an extra layer of excitement.

To conclude the festivities that brought everyone together in West Virginia, there was only one fitting choice: a massive sing-along to John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” The dance floor brimmed with the happy couple’s favorite people, clearly elated to share in such a magical day. As the celebration transitioned to the after-party, it was evident that Angela and John had gifted everyone an extraordinary day that would linger in their memories for years to come.

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Shanna and Jesse (Heinz History Center Wedding)

Few things rival the joy of witnessing strangers come together in celebration of love. Shanna and Jesse’s wedding day was a testament to this magical phenomenon, an occasion brimming with undeniable excitement. The infectious happiness of friends and family, united in celebration, created an atmosphere of pure joy, resulting in an epic and unforgettable event.

The Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA, served as the perfect backdrop for Shanna and Jesse’s ceremony and reception. Guests immersed themselves in exhibits during the cocktail reception, setting the stage for a fantastic evening of dinner and dancing in the main hall.

As the dance floor beckoned, guests eagerly responded, transforming the space into a lively celebration. The curated playlist, enriched with suggestions from the bride and groom, struck a chord with everyone, prompting wild and enthusiastic dancing.

Shanna and Jesse’s selfless prioritization of their friends and family in wedding planning paid off in spades. The reciprocal love and effort from their guests ensured that this day would be etched in collective memory for years to come. With their unforgettable celebration behind them, the newlyweds are poised to embark on a well-deserved honeymoon in Cabo.

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Lauren and Blaise (Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Wedding)

What truly sets a wedding apart is the beautiful amalgamation of family and friends who gather to celebrate the union of two souls. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion when people from all corners of your life come together to revel in the love shared between the bride and groom. Lauren and Blaise’s wedding was an embodiment of love, laughter, and unity among those dearest to them.

Their special day unfolded at the picturesque Pittsburgh Botanic Garden in Oakdale, PA, casting a spell on all in attendance on a glorious Fall day. The venue was nothing short of perfect for both their ceremony and reception. The wedding offered guests a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing everyone to bask in the beauty of the day. From the delightful dinner to the heartfelt celebration, there was an abundance of space for everyone to enjoy.

Lauren and Blaise meticulously curated a timeless selection of music that encapsulated the spirit of their love story. Their playlist served as the backdrop for moments throughout the day, from cocktails to dinner and dancing. It was a harmonious blend of classic wedding tunes and contemporary hits, ensuring that everyone could partake in the celebration.

As the night drew to a close, it was heartwarming to see Lauren and Blaise surrounded by their loved ones, all joining in for a few unforgettable last songs, singing in unison. With cherished memories etched in their hearts, the newlyweds were set to embark on their journey of married life before their well-deserved honeymoon in Italy next summer.

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Maclean and Bobby (Wedding at Fox Chapel Golf Club)

If you’ve been following my blog, you know just how much I cherish being a wedding DJ. Collaborating with couples to craft unforgettable moments by providing the perfect soundtrack is my passion. Working with Maclean and Bobby was an absolute delight, and their unique celebration at the Fox Chapel Golf Club in Fox Chapel, PA, was a true standout.

Fox Chapel Golf Club stands as one of Western Pennsylvania’s most exceptional venues, offering distinct spaces for cocktails, dinner, and dancing. Maclean and Bobby transformed the venue with their decor, creating a breathtaking ambiance.

What truly set this celebration apart were the special songs thoughtfully selected by Maclean and Bobby. These tunes weren’t solely reserved for entrances and dances. Instead, they served as the backdrop to key moments and transitions throughout the day. From the champagne pour to blessings and as guests moved seamlessly through the various spaces of the Golf Club, the music told their story.

As genuine music enthusiasts, Maclean and Bobby recognized that their guests were eager to groove to a diverse selection of songs. The dance floor was a magnet, drawing everyone into its rhythm throughout the evening. Their playlist seamlessly blended classics with contemporary hits, ensuring the celebration’s energy was electric.

While the night could have extended into the wee hours, Maclean and Bobby concluded their extraordinary day with grace. After the final celebratory tunes, they shared a quiet, intimate dance in the serene and empty ballroom to the soothing sounds of Norah Jones. Their carefully curated playlist was the perfect match for their perfect day.

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Kelly and Tim (Wedding at the Pennsylvanian)

Amidst the sea of wedding advice, one timeless piece stands out – spend time together on your wedding day. The sentiment is simple, yet its impact is profound. Kelly and Tim epitomized this on their special day, hosted at the historic and exquisite Pennsylvanian in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh.

Their journey started with a beautiful ceremony and cocktail reception within the Pennsylvanian’s elegant rotunda. As the day unfolded, guests were led into the magnificently adorned Grand Hall, greeted by thoughtful details like champagne glasses denoting their table assignments.

One thing that struck me about Kelly and Tim’s wedding was the undeniable love between them. It was a love that radiated and was a topic of discussion between all the wedding vendors during dinner.

Their choice of music added another layer of magic to the evening. The playlist was a perfect blend of classics and contemporary hits, ensuring that everyone could join in the celebration. The dance floor was alive, and the air was filled with laughter and happiness.

But what truly set this wedding apart was the quality time that Kelly and Tim dedicated to their friends and family. They chose to create lasting memories not only with each other but also with those they held dear. The entire celebration was a beautiful testament to their love, as they seamlessly wove moments with their loved ones into the fabric of their day.

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Megan and Brandon (Wedding at Pittsburgh Airport Marriott)

Some weddings are just built for fun and celebration, and it all starts with a couple ready to party with their guests. Megan and Brandon were the epitome of an upbeat, fun-loving pair, setting the stage for an unforgettable reception held at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott in Moon Township.

As guests entered the ballroom, they were met with an epic “Mr. & Mrs. Thompson” sign, a clear reflection of the newlyweds’ excitement to begin this new chapter in their lives. The presence of their dog Finn, cleverly incorporated into various signs throughout the venue, added an element of fun and whimsy to the night.

I had the pleasure of DJing Megan’s brother’s wedding back in 2019, and I knew that this family knew how to have a good time. The dance floor was packed the moment the celebration kicked off, and the energy was simply infectious.

Megan and Brandon gave me the creative freedom to keep the dance floor alive, and the playlist spanned a wide variety of music genres to cater to all their guests. The night seemed to fly by, but thankfully, the party continued in the hotel lobby once the newlyweds had one last dance in the empty ballroom. Working with Megan and Brandon was an absolute thrill, and their enthusiasm and fun-loving nature transformed their reception into a night to remember.

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