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Emilie and Micah (Shannopin Country Club)

Emilie and Micah put together a wedding day which was the perfect mix of elegance and fun. They made great choices for their reception at the Shannopin Country Club that not only matched their style, but was a fantastic time for everyone.

Ridge Delo Wedding

The ballroom at Shannopin was filed with special touches to make the space feel even more elegant than usual.  Custom decorations, a fun cake topper, and a complete room dedicated to cookies created the perfect setting to celebrate Emilie and Micah.

As everyone enjoyed visiting, dancing, and singing, it was clear how happy they were to be a part of Emilie and Micah’s big day.  All the hard work everyone had done created a day that was truly elegant, romantic, and a perfect fit for this wonderful couple.

Wedding DJ Playlist

Beth and Steve (Shannopin Country Club)

Every couple faces bumps on the way from engagement to “I Do”.  The big question is, how will you deal with these obstacles? No one would ever know that Beth Buresh and Steve Panicucci had any problems at all when planning their perfect wedding celebration at the Shannopin Country Club in Pittsburgh, PA.  They didn’t let anything stand in their way from enjoying every moment of their special day.

Buresh Panicucci Wedding Reception

Shannopin Country Club might not have been Beth and Steve’s first choice in venue, but I have to say, I believe the great atmosphere and their courteous staff made for an excellent location to begin their new lives together.

Shannopin Country Club Wedding

One of the many things I enjoyed about working with Beth and Steve was the fact that they chose a select few songs that gave their evening a fun, yet elegant tone.  Selections ranged from classical strings to Carly Rae Jepsen.


Once dinner was completed, the newlyweds enjoyed their first dance to Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight”.

Beth and Steve planned their night perfectly so there was plenty of time for their guests to get up and join the fun to a wide variety of great dance songs.

One of my favorite moments was when everyone crowded the dance floor to a special song that Steve and a friend had created themselves.

Shannopin Country Club DJ

Then, all of Beth’s sorority sisters gathered around to serenade her with “Eye of the Tiger”!

sorority sisters eye of the tiger

One of the hardest things about wedding planning is keeping focus on what really matters about the entire day. Beth and Steve’s priorities were to give their friends and families a memorable night as they all gathered together on their big day. I’m sure they can’t imagine it turning out any other way.

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