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Stephanie and Jean-Pierre (Sheraton Station Square)

Most people look forward to seeing their friends and family get a little silly and crazy during their wedding reception.  One way to set the mood for a great celebration is to be willing to get a little wild yourself.  Stephanie and Jean-Pierre certainly understood how to create the perfect mood for their incredible party at the Sheraton Station Square.

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The newlyweds choreographed their first dance as husband and wife to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, which made it clear that this was going to be a wedding reception like no other.  They also included some unique music for the entire evening, including a dinner music playlist consisting of The Beatles.  The Sheraton was the perfect venue for their guests to enjoy singing, dancing and the incredible view of Pittsburgh.

Stephanie and Jean-Pierre are an incredibly fun couple who chose to include lots of their own personalities on their special day.  This really helped all of their guests to relax and get a little crazy too.  Everyone had a fantastic time dancing to a great selection of music and no one wanted the party to end.    Many guests stayed around long after the music ended to wish the newlyweds well before they left for their honeymoon in Panama.

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Dana and Bradley (Sheraton Station Square DJ)

Weddings are filled with special moments, but I feel the ones that are unexpected and unique are the ones your guests will remember for years to come.  I assure my clients that I won’t spring any surprises on them, but if I can help bring a great idea to life, I’m always glad to help.  At the reception of Dana Barvinchak and Bradley Williams, I was able to assist in a great moment which surprised all their guests.

Pittsburgh Sheraton Station Square Wedding DJ-25

The reception was held at the Sheraton at Station Square.  Not only does the hotel provide a great ballroom space and attentive staff, but also the view of Pittsburgh provides a great backdrop for a celebration. Dana and Brad secured a projector and screen from the Sheraton on which to play a slideshow of photos from their childhood through present day.  We had prepared to play the slideshow shortly before dinner.  As a surprise to their guests, the newlyweds sent me a photo of themselves and the bridal party from earlier that day.  I was able to insert this photo at the end of their slideshow, and when it appeared on screen, their guests went wild!  This simple unexpected addition kept their guests buzzing all through dinner.

When it came to choosing music, Dana and Brad had some fun ideas which really kept the evening’s atmosphere upbeat and fun.  Their guests weren’t shy about coming out and filling the dance floor right away.When it came to choosing music, Dana and Brad had some fun ideas which really kept the evening’s atmosphere upbeat and fun.  Their guests weren’t shy about coming out and filling the dance floor right away.  I had such a great time working with Dana and Brad on each aspect of their special celebration.  Their creativity and enthusiasm was infectious as they planned the perfect day for themselves, as well as their friends and family.  After two encore songs, it was time for the couple to head off for the their honeymoon in Aruba.  They can relax knowing they succeeded in proving a day that no one will soon forget.



Cara and Dave (Sheraton Station Square DJ)

Many of my friends were surprised to hear I’d be DJing a wedding on New Year’s Eve this year.  As I worked with Cara Kappler and Dave Oechslein, I came to realize what a perfect match these two occasions would be.  It was perfect for them to be with their friends and family, celebrating the beginning of a new year while starting a new chapter of their lives as husband and wife.

Kapper-Oechslein Wedding

I was impressed with how Cara and Dave created the schedule to be certain most of their guests would be happy to stay at the reception until past Midnight.  When the newlyweds had their first dance after dinner, everyone was ready to begin the celebration of the upcoming new year.

New Year's Eve Wedding

The great variety of music that was a played throughout the night was selected by Cara and Dave to be sure there was something for everyone.


Of course there were New Year’s Eve hats and noise makers which really helped get everyone ready to welcome 2012.

New Year's Eve Wedding DJ

Cara brought so much life and fun to the dance floor.  Every bride should get to have this much fun!

Cara and Dave’s began a new year together in a unique and elegant style that was extraordinary.  Their guests kicked off 2012 in such a fun way, it should keep them celebrating all year long.

Christie and Dave (Sheraton Station Square)

I love that I get to play such an important part of people’s special day.  I also love the fact that every reception is so unique and special.  During my trip down memory lane, I came across these images from Christy Brankley & Dave Schoen’s wedding reception held at the Sheraton Station Square.

Sheraton Station Square Wedding DJ, Pittsburgh Pa

Held in one of the inner rooms at the Sheraton, Christie and Dave had a completely wild and fun reception.  From the moment the bridal party arrived I knew this would be a one of a kind evening.

Sheraton Station Square Wedding DJ, Pittsburgh Pa

Sheraton Station Square Wedding DJ, Pittsburgh Pa

Both Christie and Dave were huge music fans and were on the dance floor all night long!

Sheraton Station Square Wedding DJ, Pittsburgh Pa

Sheraton Station Square Wedding DJ, Pittsburgh Pa

Working with couples like Christie and Dave is why I love DJing so much.  Looking back on the photos I can still feel the joy and love they felt on their wonderful day

Location: Sheraton Station Square

Pittsburgh Magazine

Pittsburgh Magazine

I was extremely happy to hear that one of my clients from 2009 were going to have their wedding featured in the 2010 wedding edition of Pittsburgh Magazine.  Karen Kurey & Jeremy Rocco had an amazing reception held at the Sheraton in Station Square.  It was so much fun working with them to create such a beautiful, unique and wildly fun evening.  The photos featured in the magazine were taken by none other than the amazingly talented Heather Lahtinen of Weddings By Heather.  Because Heather’s work is so spectacular, she has two weddings featured in this special issue.  You can see more of Karen & Jeremy’s beautiful wedding photos at Heather’s website.

You can get a look at the article on the Pittsburgh Magazine website.

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Award Winning Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

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