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Italia and Seth (Heinz History Center)

One of my favorite questions I’ve included in my online wedding planner regards how much the bride and groom hope to be able to dance at their reception.  Since guests want to be near the newlyweds, it’s so much fun for everyone when they plan to be dancing!  Italia and Seth said they would be dancing “all night...

Stephanie and Jean-Pierre (Sheraton Station Square)

Most people look forward to seeing their friends and family get a little silly and crazy during their wedding reception.  One way to set the mood for a great celebration is to be willing to get a little wild yourself.  Stephanie and Jean-Pierre certainly understood how to create the perfect mood for their incredible party...

Heather and Nicky (LeMont Pittsburgh Wedding)

Family, or perhaps in this case I should say la famiglia, is one of my favorite parts about DJing at weddings.  The wedding celebration is an opportunity for every relative to do their best to create the perfect day for the bride and groom.  Last night I saw a wonderful example of  the importance of...

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