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Chelsea and Matt (Edgewood Club Wedding Reception)

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to work with couples who have fun and unique ideas about how to make their reception match their style and personality.  This can include everything from fresh music choices to slight variations in wedding traditions.  Chelsea and Matt made some fantastic choices for...

Kylie and Manny (Marriott City Center)

There are many variables that can affect how you spend your time on your wedding day.  It’s important to remember to be flexible and take full advantage of all the time you have with friends and family.  Kylie and Manny were the perfect example of going with the flow and enjoying every moment of their...

Ashley and Matt (J Verno Studios DJ)

I love working with couples who not only love music, but who know how much fun it can be to use a specific song to enhance their wedding reception.  I had a blast working with Ashley and Matt to create a once in a lifetime mix of music that suited them perfectly. The reception, which...

Award Winning Pittsburgh DJ
Award Winning Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

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