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Alys and Tim (Phipps Conservatory)

Planning a wedding is never simple.  Thousands of details need to be prepared, considered, and chosen in order to have your big day come together as you please.  Alys and Tim’s reception at the Phipps Conservatory Ballroom was the perfect example of excellent planning and wonderful choices that made for a fantastic and elegant reception....

Mikel Lynn and Jim (Shakespeare’s Castle DJ)

Your wedding day should be a reflection of your style. No matter what your tastes are, your big day is a chance to showcase who you are to the people who mean the most to you. The guests at the wedding of Mikel Lynn Davis and Jim Langan were given a great opportunity to be...

Lauren and Andy (Phipps Conservatory DJ)

Obviously, people first think about music when hiring a DJ for their wedding.  While I encourage the couples I work with to make as many song choices as they wish me to play on the big day, sometimes it just takes a few songs to make the day unique and special.   Lauren Holly and...

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