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Stephanie and Eric (Sheraton Station Square Wedding Reception)

Planning the perfect wedding requires a lot of cooperation from everyone you know. The best weddings I’ve been lucky enough to DJ are the ones where the couple gets input and assistance from those closest to them. Stephanie and Eric’s fabulous wedding day incorporated special touches and moments from friends and family and made their...

Jesse and Daniel (Hyatt House Wedding Reception)

Your wedding day should be a reflection of you. It’s the perfect opportunity to share your taste and style as a couple with those people in which you are closest. I was so excited to be part of Jesse and Daniel’s wedding, which featured so many wonderful details that I would want to include in...

Katrina and Rocco (Lingrow Farm Wedding Reception)

There’s so much to worry and stress over when planning for your wedding day. Not every couple has the ability to truly relax and enjoy the day and treasure each special moment as it happens. Katrina and Rocco could offer a MasterClass in making the most of every second of the biggest celebration of their...

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Award Winning Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

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