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Shannon and Jason (Four Points Sheraton)

Since last week’s blog covered the importance of a great entrance for your reception, it seems fitting this week to discuss the perfect ending.  Most couples I meet with would envy the amazing finish that Shannon and Jason had for their big day held at the Four Points Sheraton in Cranberry, PA.

Four Points Sheraton Wedding (22 of 25)

Shannon and Jason scheduled a special after-party for after their reception, so they were able to call an end to the dancing portion of their evening with the majority of their guests still in attendance.  The result was a huge circle of friends and family surrounding them as they enjoyed one last dance together.

The entire reception ran smoothly and allowed plenty of time for everyone to get a little crazy.  It was great to see so many of the newlyweds’ friends and family heading off to celebrate even more.  Shannon and Jason are off to Riviera Maya for what I’m sure will be a perfectly timed honeymoon.

Wedding DJ Playlist

Katie and Patrick (Four Points Sheraton Reception)

A wedding reception can be the time when you can truly let loose.  All the hard work and planning have paid off, and it’s finally time to enjoy yourself completely with friends and family.  It was a pleasure for me to watch Katie and Patrick get a little crazy during their fantastic reception at the Four Points Sheraton in Cranberry, PA.

Katie and Patrick included a ton of fun, memorable moments that their guests are sure to talk about for years to come.  Michael Jackson-style dancing, singing, and a hilarious garter removal all helped keep everyone entertained.

All of the fun didn’t take away from the beauty and elegance of the night.  Katie and Patrick had some wonderful romantic moments as well.  When the night was over, the couple were off to prepare for their honeymoon cruise, where I’m sure they will continue to get a little wild.

Wedding DJ Playlist

Kristen & Tom (4 Points Sheraton DJ)

In my experience, most brides don’t ask much of their fiance’s, besides just showing up at the church on time.  Every once in a while, the groom is tasked with finding and hiring the entertainment.  I was excited that this was the case when Tom Verlihay contacted me about his wedding day with Kristen Stern.  Their reception was held at the Four Points Sheraton in Cranberry, PA.

Stern Verlihay

Kristen and Tom knew music would play a big part in their reception, and worked with me to create a great playlist that really clicked with their guests.  The bridal party entered to a variety of songs which really set the mood for what was going to a be a celebration to remember.


After their entrance, when Tom and Kristen had their first dance, it was clear how connected these too are as they laughed and smiled the whole time.

While most people feel that they have some pretty wild friends and family, the guests at this wedding truly were ready to get a little crazy!

I think the best compliment I received was when Kristen told me how glad she was that Tom had chosen to hire me for their reception.  At the end of the evening, it was clear that none of the guests were ready to leave, so many of them headed over to the after party to continue the celebration.  The newlyweds are now off to St. Lucia for some well-deserved relaxation after their perfect day.

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