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Jessie and Matt (Gilfillan Farm)

Since the weather here in Western Pennsylvania can be a bit unpredictable, some people aren’t willing to take the risk of holding an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception.  For those that do, the results can be spectacular.  Jessie and Matt took that risk and their celebration couldn’t have been more perfect.   Their big day was held...

Kristen and Adam (The White Barn)

I’ve come to realize that every reception I DJ effects every wedding afterwards.  Kristen and Adam put great care into choosing music for their celebration at the White Barn in Prospect, PA.  I know that many of the unique and fun tunes they selected will work there way into many weddings in the future. The White...

Erica and John (Embassy Suites Hotel DJ)

Probably the thing I love most about being a wedding DJ is how different every celebration is, based on the preferences of the bride and groom.  I love working with people to make sure the music of the day reflects their taste and style.  I was fortunate to work with Erica King and John Fisher...

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