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Alyssa and Tom (Syria Shriners Wedding)

While every wedding is full of people that are very happy for the newlyweds, occasionally I get to DJ a wedding where the guests are so over-the-top excited the energy uncontainable.  Alyssa and Tom held their wonderful wedding reception at the Syria Shiners Center in Chadwick, PA, and it was a celebration to be remembered...

Stephanie and Stephen (Pittsburgh Airport Marriott)

What do you get when you combine a large Italian family with an even larger Greek family? The answer is obviously going to be one of the largest, most exciting, and unforgettable wedding receptions EVER! Stephanie and Stephen combined traditions with a contemporary style to create a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. As guests made their way into...

The Pennsylvanian (Wedding Venue Spotlight)

Clearly one of the most stunning venues in Pittsburgh, The Pennsylvanian offers a wedding experience like no other.  As a DJ, the Pennsylvanian does provide some challenges acoustically, but by using the right types and amount of a equipment, I have been able to reduce the amount of echo that may be a concern when choosing...

Award Winning Pittsburgh DJ
Award Winning Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

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