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Sherri and Michael (Pittsburgh Marriott North)

If you look over the various wedding playlists I post online, you’ll notice that the dancing portion of the evening makes up only 1/3 of the songs played at each reception.  Cocktail hour and dinner is valuable time where you can include fantastic music which may not be appropriate for later in the night.  Sherri...

Heather and Brian (Marriott North DJ)

Everyone talks about how quickly your wedding day will pass by.  With so many things to do and guests to visit with, most couples never want to see their day end without having time to truly get to enjoy every moment.  Heather Kriberney and Brian Miller had a fantastic reception at the Marriott Pittsburgh North...

Sarah and Joe (Marriott Pittsburgh North DJ)

I always find myself talking with people about how much I love my job.  The day I get to DJ a wedding doesn’t seem like something I have to do as much as something I get to do.  After tons of preparation and planning, I look forward to watching all the hard work pay off. ...

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