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Tara & Jason (Grand Concourse Wedding Reception)

Even though I’ve had this website for many years, I’ve only recently started featuring extensive looks at the weddings where I perform.  Winter is typically considered the ‘slow season’ for DJs, so I thought it would be fun to showcase images from past weddings that never made it to the blog. Tara Zurowski and Jason...

Erin and Matt (PPG Aquarium Reception)

Reception planning usually starts with choosing the right venue. Throughout Western Pennsylvania there are literally thousands of places where you can choose to celebrate, socialize and party the night away. As with most wedding details, it’s SO important to choose a place that represents who you are as a couple. Recently I performed at the...

Christina and Tim (Airport Marriott Reception)

As many of you know from reading my blog, I’m a HUGE fan of the extra details a bride and groom include on their wedding day to make it even more unique and special. While most weddings and receptions are full of special traditions, I find that the customized elements are what people remember and...

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