Elyse and Edward (Mirage Banquet)

Some people assume that I prefer to DJ only weddings with a large crowd, but I find there is something truly special about weddings that are slightly more intimate.  Receptions with less than 100 guests can be just as amazing (if not more) than those with hundreds.  Elyse and Ed held their wonderful and elegant reception at the beautiful Mirage Banquet Facility in Johnstown, PA.

The Mirage is a wonderful venue with the most stunning view of Johnstown, it was the perfect location for a terrific evening of fun.

Elyse and Ed’s friends and family proved that size of the guest list doesn’t determine the size of the celebration!  Everyone was so fun and clearly ready to party with the newlyweds.

At the end of the night, Elyse’s father could not have said it better – “It was a very joyous occasion, and everyone behaved properly’.  The newlyweds were able to spend lot of quality time with all their favorite people and at the end of the evening, it was clear that no one wanted it to end.

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Amanda and Ben (Sheraton Station Square)

One of the fun parts of being a wedding DJ is watching as the friends of the newlyweds come together to join the celebration.  Friends from grade school through college play such a big part of the big day.  I love the energy that’s created when they gather to party and celebrate with the happy couple.  Amanda and Ben invited lots of fun and energetic people who helped make their reception a night to remember.

Amanda and Ben held their reception at the wonderful Sheraton Hotel at Station Square.  The ballroom looked amazing and I was thrilled that they asked me to provide a monogram on the large dance floor.


When it was time to dance, their Best Man literally RAN to the dance floor to help get the celebration started!  He was soon joined by all of Amanda and Ben’s friends and family for a wild, silly, and fun dance party.

Amanda and Ben’s guests danced to some amazing music from yesterday and today.  At the end of the night, many of their friends were ready to head off to an after party.  No one wanted the party to end!  The happy couple will soon leave their friends behind as they head off to Punta Cana for their honeymoon.

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Molly and David (Succop Nature Park)

One of the biggest concerns most couples seem to have when hiring a DJ is that things might need to get cheesy in order to please the wide variety of guests that are invited to the wedding.  Molly and David proved that not only could the music be incredibly cool, but that all ages of people love to dance, sing and get crazy when they are excited for a once in a lifetime celebration.

Molly and David’s wedding was held at the stunning Succop Nature Park in Butler, PA.  Their ceremony took place right outside of the Mansion before guests enjoyed cocktails and dinner throughout the beautiful location.

Once dinner was over, all of Molly and David’s friends and family immediately hit the dance floor for a wonderful variety of music from the 80’s to today.

The end of the night came way too soon as everyone cheered for the happy couple.  Molly and David planned the perfect wedding day, with a soundtrack that truly met their style as well as that of their wildly fun friends and family.  The newlyweds will soon head off for a well deserved honeymoon in Hawaii.

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Stephanie and Mike (Pittsburgh Botanic Garden)

Weddings are serious business with lots of important mature decisions to make…but if you do it right, they can also include huge amounts of silliness and fun.  Stephanie and Mike clearly had a wonderful time working on details for their big day, held at the beautiful Pittsburgh Botanic Garden in Oakdale, PA.

This was the perfect venue for Stephanie and Mike to hold both their ceremony and reception.  Decorations in the barn included some well-placed action figures from Star Wars and Friday the 13th!

My favorite part of the evening had to be when Stephanie and her father did an awesome choreographed dance to Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too”!  What a way to celebrate Father’s Day!!!

Stephanie and Mike made sure to put together a great day that matched their style and that would be a great time for their guests.  I’m sure the newlyweds will have a fun, silly and amazing time when they go on their Hawaiian honeymoon later this year.

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Alyssa and Tom (Syria Shriners Wedding)

While every wedding is full of people that are very happy for the newlyweds, occasionally I get to DJ a wedding where the guests are so over-the-top excited the energy uncontainable.  Alyssa and Tom held their wonderful wedding reception at the Syria Shiners Center in Chadwick, PA, and it was a celebration to be remembered by everyone.

The ballroom at the Syria Shriner’s was the perfect location for a large gathering of all their friends and family.  I was thrilled to get to provide uplighting and monogram which helped add a custom feel the room.

Guests enjoyed a wonderful evening of food and fun, and when the dancing started, no one was shy about joining in the party!

Working with Alyssa and Tom was so much fun, it was wonderful to see their friends and family so excited to be a part of their epic wedding day.  The happy couple is headed off to the Siesta Key in Florida, a romantic and hopefully relaxing honeymoon!

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Julie and Evan (Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh Wedding)

Weddings are always fun.  It’s why I decided long ago to only be a wedding DJ, because I love working with couples to create a once-in-a-lifetime celebration that is a good time for everyone.  Julie and Evan worked some real magic in making sure their wedding day at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh was jam packed full of unique and fun details that guaranteed a night that will have their guests talking for years to come.

I’m always amazed by the transformation of the Children’s Museum into an elegant wedding venue.  Julie and Evan were married in the Art Studio before guests made their way to the Big Red Room for an evening of celebrating.  I was so happy I could provide uplighting and a monogram to help them customize the ballroom for the newlyweds.

I still can’t get over this amazing guest book idea!  What an amazing keepsake!

Julie and Evan’s big day was filled with something for everyone.  Their guests were treated to an evening like no other.  Everyone enjoyed dancing and singing to great hits from yesterday and today.  The happy couple is off to what I’m certain will be an amazingly fun honeymoon in Banff!

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