Kaitlyn and Andrew (Phipps Conservatory Wedding)

I’ll admit, I get excited when couples find incredibly special ideas to include as part of their wedding day.  I also love the people who choose to make the day their own instead of sticking to traditions that don’t match their style.  Kaitlyn and Andrew included lots of custom details and their entire celebration was the perfect match for them.  Their ceremony and reception was held on a perfect summer day at the always beautiful Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden.

Once guests entered the Special Events Room, they each received a special surprise at their table of a lucky bamboo tree, all of which was loving made by Andrew.  What a great and unique favor for everyone to take home!

Kaitlyn and Andrew had also chosen some fantastic music for dinner and dancing.  Everyone sang and danced to some wonderful music from oldies to today’s hits.

Kaitlyn and Andrew put a lot of time and energy on the details of their big day, and it all paid off.  They made perfect choices that made everything feel comfortable for not only them, but everyone involved.  At the end of the night they were surrounded by all of their favorite people who were clearly thrilled to help them celebrate their new lives together.

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Caitlin and Mark (Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Wedding)

I’ve been blogging a lot this year about the planning of the wedding day schedule.  Every couple has to decide if they’ll  spend more time visiting, taking photos, etc.  Sometimes, I get to work with a couple like Caitlin and Mark, who planned their day so there would be LOTS of time for dancing and celebrating.  Their ceremony and reception was held on a perfect summer day at the beautiful Pittsburgh Botanic Garden in Oakdale, PA.

The setting and day could not have been more perfect for a couple who enjoys the great outdoors.  Guests were able to enjoy both the sun as well as the AC inside as they visited with friends and family.

Shortly after dinner, a dance party erupted on the dance floor and everyone got a chance to party to a great selection of music from yesterday and today.

With so much time to celebrate, I was able to play some amazingly fun songs that aren’t able to be included at many weddings.  Caitlin and Mark suggested just the right mix of music for their wild bunch.  The happy couple now gets to take a break from dancing as they head to Michigan for a well-deserved honeymoon.

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Alisia and Jonathan (Shady Elms Farm)

Of all the decisions a couple has to make when planning their wedding day, I believe one of the most challenging has to be planning a schedule that allows them to spend quality time with their friends and family when there’s so many things they’re supposed to do.  Alisia and Jon prepared for a day that would ensure they could enjoy every moment, and everyone, that came to their special celebration at Shady Elms Farm in Hickory, PA.

Shady Elms Farm is a wonderful wedding venue, and served as the perfect spot for the ceremony, cocktails and reception.  Mother Nature provided a perfect summer day, so all the guests could enjoy themselves both inside and out!

The music for the evening was as varied as those who attended.  Guests enjoyed some classics and standards throughout dinner, and then hit the dance floor to pop music from the 60’s to today.

Alisia and Jon’s guests were thrilled to be part of their special day, and it was great that they could spend so much time with the happy couple.  The night ended with a grand sparkler exit and even then it was clear that no one was ready for the night to end, as guests lingered just to have a few more moments with the newlyweds.

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Maddie and Randy (Carnegie Museum)

One of the most fun things about being a wedding DJ is the wonderfully diverse music I get to play each weekend.  Maddie and Randy’s wedding was extra special since their playlist included music from pretty much every genre imaginable.  Their epic celebration was held at the gorgeous Carnegie Museum Music Hall Foyer.

The museum is always a stunning venue and looked even more amazing with the beautiful centerpieces and lighting!

The music throughout the night included everything from rock, country, standards and top 40 hits from the 60’s to today.  Maddie and her father had even put together a custom medley for their special dance that blew everyone away.  From the moment the dance floor opened, everyone jumped up to join in the party.

Maddie and Randy gave me the freedom to play anything and everything that would ensure their guests had a great time.  Their friends and family clearly were thrilled to be part of the newlyweds’ special day.  The happy couple is soon headed off to enjoy their honeymoon, and hopefully some great music, in the Riviera Maya.

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Elyse and Edward (Mirage Banquet)

Some people assume that I prefer to DJ only weddings with a large crowd, but I find there is something truly special about weddings that are slightly more intimate.  Receptions with less than 100 guests can be just as amazing (if not more) than those with hundreds.  Elyse and Ed held their wonderful and elegant reception at the beautiful Mirage Banquet Facility in Johnstown, PA.

The Mirage is a wonderful venue with the most stunning view of Johnstown, it was the perfect location for a terrific evening of fun.

Elyse and Ed’s friends and family proved that size of the guest list doesn’t determine the size of the celebration!  Everyone was so fun and clearly ready to party with the newlyweds.

At the end of the night, Elyse’s father could not have said it better – “It was a very joyous occasion, and everyone behaved properly’.  The newlyweds were able to spend lot of quality time with all their favorite people and at the end of the evening, it was clear that no one wanted it to end.

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Amanda and Ben (Sheraton Station Square)

One of the fun parts of being a wedding DJ is watching as the friends of the newlyweds come together to join the celebration.  Friends from grade school through college play such a big part of the big day.  I love the energy that’s created when they gather to party and celebrate with the happy couple.  Amanda and Ben invited lots of fun and energetic people who helped make their reception a night to remember.

Amanda and Ben held their reception at the wonderful Sheraton Hotel at Station Square.  The ballroom looked amazing and I was thrilled that they asked me to provide a monogram on the large dance floor.


When it was time to dance, their Best Man literally RAN to the dance floor to help get the celebration started!  He was soon joined by all of Amanda and Ben’s friends and family for a wild, silly, and fun dance party.

Amanda and Ben’s guests danced to some amazing music from yesterday and today.  At the end of the night, many of their friends were ready to head off to an after party.  No one wanted the party to end!  The happy couple will soon leave their friends behind as they head off to Punta Cana for their honeymoon.

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