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Shoshana and Aaron (J Verno’s Studios)

Since “normal” life doesn’t stop when you’re planning your wedding, most people have to choose which details to focus on when putting together the perfect celebration.  Shoshana and Aaron chose music as one of those details and created the perfect soundtrack for their ceremony and reception at J. Verno Studios in the South Side of Pittsburgh.

J Verno Studios Wedding DJ (25 of 25)

The ceremony was romantic and intimate.  Shoshana and Aaron chose special music and readings which provided a contemporary feel while also including jewish traditions such as the chuppah and breaking of glass.

As dinner came to a close, it was difficult to keep people from the dance floor.  Shoshana and Aaron’s friends and family were anxious to get the party started and had a blast dancing to a great variety of music from all genres.  The evening ended with the newlyweds surrounded by their friends and family as everyone sang along to the last song.  The couple is now off to enjoy a well deserved European honeymoon.

Wedding DJ Playlist

Ashley and Matt (J Verno Studios DJ)

I love working with couples who not only love music, but who know how much fun it can be to use a specific song to enhance their wedding reception.  I had a blast working with Ashley and Matt to create a once in a lifetime mix of music that suited them perfectly.

Olander Merks Wedding

The reception, which was held at J. Verno Studios, kicked off with a grand entrance, which featured each couple of the bridal party walking in to custom songs.  Afterwards Ashley and Matt danced to a unique and romantic mix of two Elton John songs.

The music the newlyweds chose for their day was a perfect reflection of their personal style.  With dinner and formal events out of the way, the dance party quickly began.  Everyone had a fantastic time dancing to a great variety of music and no one was ready for the party to end.  The couple now gets to continue their celebration in St. Lucia.

Wedding DJ Playlist

Kathryn and Michael (J. Verno Studios DJ)

Wedding days are romantic, elegant, and always unique.  Everyone knows the main purpose of the day is to acknowledge the love of the newlyweds as they begin their new lives together.  While every couple chooses their own way to mark the occasion, I have the best time working with those who really know that this day is meant to be celebrated.  This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be a part of Kathryn and Michael’s big day held at J Verno Studios in the Southside of Pittsburgh, PA.  Thanks to their excitement and enthusiasm, all of their guests had no choice but join in the celebration.

Bayliss Wedding

J Verno Studios was the perfect venue for both the ceremony and reception.  The large contemporary space allowed the couple to set the perfect atmosphere for their nuptials.  I had a ton of fun pulling music together for Kathryn and Michael.  They gave me direction as far as styles, and allowed me to choose the songs that would create just the right mix.  In one of the most brilliant decisions ever, the newlyweds chose to follow-up their grand entrance with an instant mini-dance party with all of the guests.  Everyone filled the dance floor for 7 minutes of complete chaos where everyone danced, laughed, hugged and got a sneak peak of how the rest of the evening was going to be.

I find it hard to imagine there was any wedding happening in Pittsburgh that came even close to the fun and jubilation that Kathryn and Michael had at their extraordinary winter wedding.  I’m thrilled they chose to have me play part in this once in a lifetime celebration.

Wedding DJ Playlist

Stephanie and Nick (J. Verno Studios Wedding DJ)

I talk a lot about the various details of each wedding, and there certainly is a lot to discuss.  The actual dancing portion of the evening only makes for a small percentage of my DJ responsibilities.  That said, it is also the most fun part of being a DJ.  I find that getting to play great music while everyone joins in a celebration is the best way for me to enjoy all the hard work of the day.  I had an amazing time playing music for Stephanie Shelley and Nick Strasser’s wedding reception at J. Verno Studios in Pittsburgh, PA.  Their friends and family came to dance, sing, and party, and no one left disappointed.

Shelley Strasser Wedding

There simply is no wedding venue in Pittsburgh as unique and stunning as J. Verno’s.

J. Verno's StudioJ. Verno's Studio

Stephanie and Nick knew that even though they were having an intimate Friday night wedding, that dancing was going to be important to their guests.  They chose a wonderful mix of fun party music which really made everyone get wild on the dance floor.


J. Verno Studio is a photography studio, which means the lighting was fantastic for the newlyweds’ first dance.

Afterwards, the celebration was quickly underway and never let up.

Almost a year ago, I was the DJ for Stephanie’s sister’s wedding.  It was great fun to see Niki and Neil again, having a great time tearing up the floor.

As the last song ended, Nick commented to me about how everyone could keep dancing for 5 more hours.  The majority of their guests had stayed until the very end of the night and could have easily stayed for more.  Everyone left knowing that this was one of the best celebrations they had ever attended.  Stephanie and Nick are off for 2 weeks in Mexico, where I’m pretty confident they’re doing a little more dancing.

Heather and Jesse (J Verno Studios DJ)

While I love all types of music, every once in a while I get to DJ for a couple who’s musical style is exactly what I would choose if I were planning my wedding reception in 2011.  I had a great time preparing the music for Heather Mullen and Jesse Evans’ elegant celebration held at J Verno Studio in the Southside of Pittsburgh, PA.

Mullens Evans DJ

I could go on and on about J Verno Studio’s.  Such an amazing venue for a wedding.  As Heather put it, it’s a little “funky”, just like her and Jesse.  I loved their setup for the ceremony.

J Verno Studio

I can’t thank Heather and Jesse enough for turning me on to the Vitamin String Quartet’s music, which we used for most of the ceremony.  Cocktail hour featured a great selection of 90’s rock which really helped create a fun vibe that lasted throughout the night.  The whole mix of music really worked out perfectly.


Heather and Jesse had a wonderfully choreographed first dance, easily one of the best I’ve seen.  They looked like they were having so much fun, I can’t even believe they only had 2 dance lessons!

J Verno Wedding DJ

Things got a little wild on the dance floor when it was really time to celebrate!

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ

Best flower girl robot dance ever!

Flower Girl Robot Dance

Southside wedding DJ

Southside wedding DJ

J Verno Studio Wedding

Not only did I absolutely love the music choices including classical, 90’s rock, Rat Pack, oldies, and modern dance hits, but guests kept commenting to me throughout the night about how much they were enjoying the musical selections.  Heather and Jesse nailed a playlist that appealed not only to their tastes but to all of their friends and family’s as well.  Perhaps they’ll add some new Jamaican hits to their favorite music as they head off to relax on their honeymoon.

Amy and Chris (J. Verno Studio Reception DJ)

Simple Elegance.  Those words mean different things to different people, but there is no denying when you see it.  Last evening I witnessed one of the most beautiful displays of simple elegance as the DJ for the reception of Amy Kim and Christopher Pretsch held at J. Verno Studios in Pittsburgh, PA.

J Verno Wedding DJ

The ceremony and reception were both held in Studio A at J. Verno’s. During cocktail hour, the room was transformed while the guests enjoyed the rest of the venue.  I simply love the choice of colors, so beautiful and unique!

DJ Ceremony Pittsburgh

DJ Wedding Pittsburgh

Guests were asked to sign a bottle of wine instead of a guest book.  It’s a unique keepsake that the couple will enjoy on their 5th anniversary.

Wine Bottle Guest Book

It’s so easy to tell that Amy and Chris love being together, they were laughing and smiling all evening long.

first dance wedding dj

There were lots of wonderful song choices made for the big day, but Amy and Chris also left room open for guests to make requests.  It was fun seeing everyone enjoy the wide variety of music.


After the guests enjoyed an amazing dinner by the talented folks at Yes, We Cater, it was time to open the dance floor for celebrating!

Pittsburgh dancing dj

korean wedding dj pittsburgh

korean wedding dj pittsburgh

Later in the evening Amy and Chris changed into traditional Korean wedding clothes called han-boks.  All the guests were surprised when the newlywed’s arrived in their new outfits!

Korean wedding ham-bok

korean wedding dj pittsburgh

There is no benefit to spending time on your wedding day doing things that feel unnatural or uncomfortable.  I’m so thrilled that Amy and Chris put together a simply elegant day that suited their personalities and was so much fun for their family and friends.  After such a perfect day the couple can now focus on preparing for their fantastic honeymoon in Italy.

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