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Amy and Perry

Last Saturday I played at the reception of Amy Romano and Perry Dubois at St John’s in New Castle, PA. I’ve known Amy & her family for many years and was honored that they asked me to perform for their more than 300 guests.


Amy & Perry left the entire dancing portion of the evening open for their guests to make requests and night ended up being a giant mix of every style of music imaginable!

Click here to see the playlist from the reception

There were quite a few younger people at the wedding, and one of the flower girls, Alyssa, hung out with me behind the DJ booth for most of the evening. She was only 10 but helped me take requests and handout the trinkets that the brides mom brought for all the guests. Someday she’ll make a great DJ.


The dance floor was jammed pack all night long and everyone had an amazing time. The Romano’s put a lot of effort into creating a beautiful day for Amy & Perry. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

Lisa and Scott (Imperial SNPJ)

Earlier tonight I got to play at the wedding reception of Lisa Lutz and Scott Meehan. The reception was held at the SNPJ in Imperial, PA.


Lisa and Scott where so much fun to work with, they had a lot of great ideas for their reception, but also left lots of room for their guests to make requests.

Lisa danced more than any bride I’ve seen in a LONG time. She really helped keep the dancefloor going by grabbing friends and family and taking them with her to the dancefloor.


Amy and Ryan (St. Florian Hall)

Last night I had the pleasure of playing at the wedding reception of Amy Zdan and Ryan Bartoe at the St. Florian Hall in Wintersville, Ohio.

Amy and Ryan were a fun couple and really had a good time choosing music for the entire reception. It was really clear how important family was to both of them and they worked really hard to include everyone in their special day.


If you take a look at their playlist you can see that they included music for every age group. Disco, Rap, Rock and even some stuff for the younger generation… it was great that everyone got a chance to take the dancefloor and enjoy the music.
Click here to see the playlist from the reception

It was a beautiful evening full of great moments and great music. Ryan and Amy were such a joy to work with and I’m glad I was able to help out on their special day!

Amie and Greg (Shakespeare’s Castle DJ)

This past Saturday I played at the reception of Amie Hack and Greg Donahue at the Olde Stonewall Golf Club in Ellwood City. It was a beautiful day for them to get married on the deck overlooking the golf course.

Amie and Greg totally understood how to make their day unique, and really applied their ideas in a variety of unique and fun ways. They included some live music in their day as well as hiring my services. They had a harpist and violinist for their ceremony which was beautiful. Amie’s 88 year old grandfather, Ray, performed songs during the Anniversary dance while her father Dennis accompanied him on the guitar. Then as a special surprise, Johnny Cash showed up! (ok, it was actually Pastor Rick Roberts from the ceremony) Johnny (Rick) had a whole band with him and entertained everyone with selections including “Jackson” and “Ring of Fire”.

Donahue (1 of 1).jpg

I got a chance to entertain everyone too. Amie and Greg gave allowed me to do whatever I needed to keep the dancefloor busy. We covered a lot of ground from Rock to Rap and everyone seemed to have a fantastic time dancing.

The day was packed full of such great and memorable events that I’m sure everyone will be talking about this reception for years to come. My favorite moment was watching the newlyweds dance their first dance which they had worked out some special choreography to make it special, it was a sweet moment where you could just see how much they belong together. The entire evening went really smoothly, but even I felt that it went by really fast. Amie and Greg were a complete joy to work with, and both of them and their families went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and appreciated. I’m so glad I was able to help them create a day that went so perfectly.

April and John (Mayernik Center Reception)

On Saturday I played at the ceremony and reception of April Riggins & John Ford held at the Mayernick Center in Avonworth Community Park. I love the opportunity to participate in the ceremony and they had a beautiful day to exchange their vows outdoors.  The Mayernick Center is a beautiful venue and an excellent staff. The center’s coordinator, Meghan, did an amazing job keeping everything running smooth all day, made it so pleasant for everyone.

April and John picked some great music for the entire day and their friends and family really seem to enjoy the wide variety.

Ford (1 of 1).jpg

April and John were completely relaxed and it was clear that they were out to have a great time with their guests. Everyone had an awesome time celebrating with the newlyweds, it was a pleasure for me to be there and be a part of their wonderful day.

Megan and Bob (Crown Plaza Hotel)

Just a little while ago I played the wedding of Megan Ellis and Bob Lewis at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Moon Township.  Bob and Megan had requested something unique for their reception. They asked that I setup my projector screen and a video camera and I projected images from around the room all night long up on the big screen. This made it so that everyone could see a different angle of the ‘action’ from anywhere in the room. I think it was a great idea and worked really well. Since we were already setting up the projector and screen, Bob & Megan also hired me to make a photo montage using their photos. I love making these montages and getting to see all the photos of the couple as they grew up and fell in love.

The Crown Plaza offers some nice options for a reception. We were able to meet there a week ahead of time to determine the best layout for the room which I think made everyone feel better! (including me!)

Megan and Bob had some great music ideas for dinner and cocktail hour, and they also gave me a lot of freedom to work the room and get people dancing.

lewis (1 of 1).jpg

I had such a great time working with Bob and Megan, they worked hard to make sure they’re guests would have a fun and unique experience. All their hard worked paid off and they had an amazing reception.

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